FAIT ACCOMPLI - Mandy Roger, Karen Covic, John Allpress

Mandy Rodger, Karen Covic and John Allpress are three process-orientated artists who have come together to present this body of work. Each embraces the action of putting down colour, gesture and mark and entering into dialogue with the materials in the making of the works. They approach their painting supports with a clear mind in an attempt to relinquish control and encourage unfettered art making. 

However, the artist’s presence or a showing of hand is apparent in each of their work. Their interventions, conductions, disruptions or other movements of control is what sets them apart. For one artist, there is the preparation of materials and action to put down spontaneous gesture. Another allows the initial freedom of movement, only to curtail and revise it to regain control. The other, experiments and disrupts in order to uncover and push boundaries. It’s a tussle between free-flow and control. 

Each process is littered with enquiries and propositions and a myriad of internal and external influences.

“We three have become great friends since attending courses at the Browne School of Art. We have a mutual appreciation of each other’s work, regularly encourage and discuss and critique. We are pleased to finally be exhibiting together,  although our work takes different paths, we all start with the love of materials and mark making. We are process oriented artists and regard the process of making as the exciting bit. Experimenting, revising, reversing, reviewing. Most of our works have many different iterations.”

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