John Allpress

My artistic process begins with inquiry as a foreground to art making, bringing together exploratory ideas and concepts.
I create process-oriented artworks by laying down a ground, then painting over or otherwise partially removing successive layers to reveal a dynamic interplay of colour and texture within the picture frame.

Favourite Colour?
Midnight Blue - a mix of Anthraquinone Blue and Bone Black.

How do I take my coffee?
I don’t drink coffee! My herbal tea choice is Healtheries Lemon and Ginger.

Is there something I can’t live without in my studio?
Light and heat are essential! I work at a bench a small workshop under the house.

Favourite artist of all time?
The first cave artist would have been a creative genius, but I’d have to say Leonardo da Vinci because even his Mona Lisa masterpiece was never fully completed.

Favourite artists now?
I don’t actually have favourite artists but a sample of those whose work I admire include: Anselm Kiefer; Pia Fries; Gerhard Richter; Julia Dault; Robert Motherwell; Mark Bradford; Yayoi Kusama; Lisa Reihana; Tsudo Michiko; and there’s Turner; Monet; Matisse; Kandinsky; Rothko; Picasso; Pollock et al