Work Book

Having completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Elam last year and a group site specific installation at Westspace, Melbourne earlier this year, Java Bentley has created the 'Work Book' art installation.

Reminding you that we exist in an accelerated world of technology, swipe right satisfaction with acceptance of false success, globalisation promoting destruction and plurality all under the arms of our self-made throw away culture. This project is a vehicle which makes connections to how we process information and how we manage, filter and question ideas. Failures are ideas not yet realised or ever finished? Pages of unprocessed handmade data documented through marquettes, dialogues, timelines and dates, repetition and drawings.

Conducting everyday materials the inflatable creates a temporary space within a temporary space which effaces the gallery container. Encompassing space and our air we become its unfinished projects. Spat out by the inflatable, the paintings resemble quotidian objects and geometric shapes that act as experimental realities.

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