Tension And Attitude - James Emery / 26 March -13 April 2024

The gesture of the abstract is something an artist can create but the twist is finding a signature to know which artist created it. James Emery has been experimenting his gesture and in this first solo exhibition, you can see clearly a style and composition show casing James style and aesthetic.
Two separate themes, yet a duality to investigate and relate through colour, gesture and composition visually is the premise of this exhibition titled 'Tension And Attitude.' 
The Tension : between two objects; the points of contact; pressure on those points; yin and yang: creating a metaphor of our daily lives and how things interact with it. Some days or our everyday challenging lives and how the mental stresses and strains experienced on our journey through life come in waves and varying degrees of difficulty.
The Attitude : where James' paintings personally serve to explain the dreams and aspirations we start out with as a child or young adult. Yet some how, as we progress, heading towards our needs and wants, trying to keep a level headed path to the original intended destination, can be paved with misdirection and change. Thus  we often may veer off track or go down a path we had never intended;  where eventually we may or may not reach that destination, we may end up somewhere else completely. 

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