Temporal Matter

'I get excited seeing ripped posters and paper peeling off, and transferred onto city substrates. It works in two ways; firstly the original message to consume an object or idea is obliterated and secondly I see nature coming forward.'

"It's sad living in a city. I feel there is no choice for us. Driving through NZ is bittersweet. 'When nature calls', you don't want to get back in the car. The beauty of our landscape can be mesmerising. Perhaps subconsciously I try to find it again on city surfaces where nature works her magic.

The paper I used is largely from trash mags, where advertising is on every second turn. I put these pages through hell. Ripped torn and beaten. There is also solvent abuse.

After all the hardship I place upon it, I'm hoping to find what the Japanese refer to as Wabi Sabi. Don't ask a Japanese person what it means because it's a slippery fish. In an attempt to be specific, (which the Japanese hate by the way) it refers to a beauty that is impermanent and has an element of sadness.

Aging people and things will more than likely contain this beauty. This beauty goes beyond surface. It's found in unexpected spaces, things and people. The concept is broad but the subtext is to look deeper. City folk need this because it slows us down."

'Temporal Matter' brings together the small things missed amongst the big things, an acknowledgement of what we miss and rush of the city lifestyle. Amongst all things there is beauty.

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