Playing with Simple Elements

Like many people I still remember my childhood and I perfectly remember how much I liked process of playing.

That was such a warm and clean feeling of constant dreaming and discovery.

I try to keep that specific feeling within my art works. Now I play with visual elements: colors, shapes and lines.

The main rule of this game is a pursuit of a revelatory freedom of combining complex and seductive surfaces of paintings to produce new meaning and new more subtle emotions. Very much like a chef who is inventing own culinary style by mixing basic ingredients in different ways.

I intend to maintain this process highly instinctive and playful. As a result many elements can bear a dual abstract and figurative quality.

Circles represent basic geometrical form, but also sun movement or scientific description of atoms (in Electricity series). Lines refer to simple hand gesture of drawing and at the same time depict abstract grass or wind blowing.

This game is endless'

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