On the Weight of Meaninglessness

This exhibition looks at what lies behind our existence, and behind our desires in the search for the other place beyond.
The safe place.
The whole place.

'The Weight of Meaningless' explores possibilities of redefining Abjection, between Subject and Object, Self and Other, in a world where we still have to carry the body. To give significance to Abjection is to redefine these moments when meaning collapses.

The 'Weight of Meaninglessness'refers to Kristeva's essay 'POWERS OF HORROR'.

"To have joyful unlimited freedom, is to shout as loud as I want and go where I please. It's to explore the horizon line and the sensations of the ground from heights. It's to have the thrill of speed, with no fear, to gallop together as one.

Mostly my self enjoyed her feet on the ground looking and negotiating undergrowth where physical edges were not my clothes, where my edges had no limits. I lived in a world outside of language. I developed an intuitive understanding a language between myself and with whatever surrounded me when I was a child. "

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