Losing My Religion - Part 2 Control 2021-2022

Losing my Religion – meaning - "losing one's temper or civility"

The past year has been a year of Pandemic, Panic, Fear, Social distancing, Lockdowns, Home confinement, Pro-vaccine, Anti-vaccine, Coercion, Masks, Inequality, Exclusion, Discrimination, Distrust, Division, Breakup of families and friends, Mental health decline, Physical health decline, Social health decline, Depression, Suicides, Deaths, Information overload, Miss-information overload, Propaganda, Media propaganda, Communication breakdowns, Agendas, Hidden Agendas, Conspiracies, Pharmaceutical Profits, Large multi-corporate take overs, Small businesses closing, Bankruptcy, Inflation, Increase of the Rich and Poor divide, Unemployment, Food shortages, Food price increase, Fuel price increase, Protests, Riots, Civil unrest, Climate change, Global warming, Floods, Wild fires and to top it all, Invasions and continual Wars. 

What a year!!!!!!!!!

You couldn’t make it up! It reads like the components of an Orwellian dystopian nightmare, intertwined with Huxley’s ‘Brave New World’.

This exhibition is a continuation from my last exhibition relating to Religion, Technological Control and Masking truths. 

Part 2 is collection of my observations and thoughts that I experienced as I wandered through these strange and testing times.

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