Genres of Beauty

Storm Robbins

solo exhibition 7 – 18 DEC 2021

A picture speaks a thousand words but art is a language all on its own. Each piece in this exhibition is vastly different to the other.

While some are conventionally pretty, neat, bright, and serene, others are dark, provocative, disturbing, messy or scary. Artist Storm Robbin's intention is for the viewer to look deeper than an initial glance and to be taken into the image.

Uniquely, each individual from personal experiences has shaped a different definition of 'beauty'. Through this 'beauty', one is questioned to take a moment to truely look from a deeper perspective. Every piece not only has an ephemeral lengthly process of application but also has a layered depth of emotion and a story not obviously apparent.

"I believe a successful art piece has passionate execution from a meaningful, heartfelt origin, then that's truly what makes it beautiful. I would like you to go to each piece and find something you find beautiful. Whether it's the look as a whole, the emotion it evokes or even something fundamentally simple as colour, texture, genre or vibe."

Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder.

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