Chorus Of The Forest

'The forest is an invitation - beckoning you into both stillness and potent energy ' into great mysteries; into the lungs of life.'

My countryside studio sits at the edge of nine acres of exquisite native bush. From there I see a verdant wonderland where birds, rabbits and other creatures play freely like the light.

The beauty transfixes me and on walks into the forest I'm struck by the majestic green giants that have stood for centuries before me ' their rich coverings, sculptural shapes and the intricate patterns of their leaves and trunks.

Living and working by the forest has deepened my love and respect for nature and resolve to protect it. Every time an artwork of mine sells, I plant a native tree on our property as part of my Planting hope initiative to help the environment.

In the last five years my green horizon has been transforming as I watch North Auckland's rampant urbanisation creep closer. Apartments, diggers, bulldozers, boundary markers, tree fellers and scarred land are forming a new terrain.

This new body of work explores the tension of living on the urban fringe where my life straddles two very different spheres but it's primarily the untamed natural world that I wish to celebrate. The more I am immersed in it, the more gratitude I have for life.

My deep communion with the forest translates into rhythmical marks, rich textures and colourful compositions as I seek to capture the intensity of my experiences and emotions.

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