Call Me in and Dance Me Home

The exhibition showcases three collections, TUI, BLACKTREEFERN and DANCEOFGEOMETRY. With works that speak of the call of nature, and its irrepressible influence on our daily lives.

Dark, lustrous, refined, the Tui is iconic to New Zealand. Their iridescent shimmer is a reminder of summer, of bright blue skies. Their daring, unapologetic energy is what first attracted Lyzadie to use them as the starting point for the TUI COLLECTION.

The armchair, stool and dining chair hold a measure of the Tui's dark grace but also encapsulate accessible comfort; a perfect blend of beauty and functionality.

When the light catches the feathers, rippling down the back of each piece, for a moment we are transported, almost able to see the bird alighting on a tree, ready to throw back its head and sing. Inspired by the precision of nature's design, these pieces aim to combine form and function with breath-taking beauty.

The inspiration for the BLACKTREEFERN COLLECTION springs directly from its namesake. The tallest tree fern in New Zealand, the Black Tree Fern, or Mamaku, graces the forest canopy with ancient grace and giant splendour. With a bruised black trunk that seems covered in fish scales and limbs thicker than a human arm, the ferns seem truly to have come from mythical times, and their magical, drooping canopy was the genesis for these dark, visceral pieces.

The memory of movement left behind long after a body has passed through space is what brings the DANCEOFGEOMETRY COLLECTION to life. Like all the pieces from the LyZadie Design Studio, these works are born from the land. From rocks carefully selected, held our crafter's hands and cut, bent and reimagined as moving objects, these timeless art objects emerge.

In many ways the collection is an oxymoron: solid rock, fluid movement. But it is also a first for the design studio as it is born from an intimate and very personal spark. This collection is the first where the lived history of designer Lyzadie has intertwined with an element of nature to inspire a new series of works.

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