When we see something bounce, it seems so simple - just a rebound, a ricochet. But a bounce is more than this. It is a process, a series of intricate reactions not necessarily discerned by the human eye.

A bounce begins with something being let go or let fly. Once set in motion, this thing will gather speed and energy until its surface makes contact with another. There is a collision. Here momentum is slowed and on impact, the two entities flex. They deform and distort. At the same time, energy is exchanged between the two and dispersed into the immediate surroundings. This sharing of energy during the collision, as well as the elasticity of things and their ability to flex, enables the change of direction we define as a bounce.

It is the release of artistic ideas, and the collision with another artist, which enables the bounce that is this exhibition. These artists have explored the processes, the deforming and distorting energy and allowed each change of direction.

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