A Path Through A Land Swathed in White

We are going to take you into a world lost in time. Swathed in black and white, in natural, luxurious materials, taken on a journey through New Zealand, its landscape, its myth, its culture, its story

Through its makers, and its inspirations. Each object is a celebration of New Zealand, a sustainable translation of the very layers of Aotearoa.

New collection, EARTH&SKY is inspired by the love story of Ranginui, the sky father and Papatuanuku, earth mother. In the darkness before time, Ranginui, was pressed against'Papatuanuku. They were devoted to each other, locked tight by love, till they were forced apart, breaking their love, but letting in light, and ultimately life.

The collection showcases this light, and the design keeps things simple to let the materials' natural beauty shine through. We are invited to travel through this ancient love story with these objects ' a large oval dining table and a side table. The use of white rammed earth evokes of Papa, the Earth mother, a grounding, nurturing presence.

The soul of the land. In contrast, clear glass is used for Rangi, for the sky, which is everything and nothing at once. As an architect, Lyzadie has wanted to use rammed earth in one of her collections for some time, a sample has been sitting on her desk, calling to be shaped into beautiful timeless objects this past year.

Finally the material lead her to this design. Maker Paul Gereats shaped the rammed earth bases, and through them, his passion for this material shines clearly. For Lyzadie, it is vital that the makers share this passion for the earth.

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