FLOW - new jewellery collection by virginiejg + co | 12-23 Sep 2023

French artist virginiejg has recently been following her mood and her movement which has led her to embark on a new adventure with designing and creating jewellery. While she continues to explore and express her world through the lens of photography and abstract painting in a two-dimensional realm, her soul has been drawn into new mediums.
Naturally, she lets wood, copper, and silver talk to her in order to become miniature sculptures and ornaments for the body.

A new invitation into space....

The artist’s favourite muse is Mother Earth, with her intricate, infinite patterns and textures that extend not only into the natural beauty around us but also into the urban landscapes, where perfect imperfections spontaneously emerge, here and there. Like a flowing river, her artwork absorbs organic forms and uniqueness into each piece which takes shape as the material arrives in her hands… She then surrenders to the magic that happens during the creative process allowing the matter to intuitively guide her, rather than imposing her will upon it.

Naturally, ‘Flow’ started to emerge and intuitively a desire to share a particular experience inviting all the senses to be awakened during this exhibition.

An invitation of all the elements and senses…

Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether…
To see, to hear, to touch, to smell and to taste…

Artists Featured

Works Available

LINE COLLECTION: jewellery made of stirling silver
- displayed on Lyzadie Design new series RIPPLES

CURVE COLLECTION:  jewellery made of copper
- copper kindly supplied by Aaron Bedford from Zanar 

TOUCH COLLECTION: jewellery made of lignum vitae and embony wood 
- in collaboration with sculptor artist Gary Hill