The Jersey Collective

In October 2000 we exhibited our inaugural show at Artstation as emerging artists. Since then the membership of the group has changed a little but it is essentially the same and continues in good heart. We have had a full exhibiting calendar, and plan to continue with it.

Our stated aims are to continue working as exhibiting artists by finding innovative and interesting exhibition spaces, to provide each other support, as well as maintaining professional networks. Collectively we have a substantial body of work developed over the last 17 years.

We have maintained almost two decades of growth and change achieved largely because the power of a group is always greater than just the accumulated strengths of the individuals in it. We believe the value of Jersey lies in its provision of an environment for exchange and co-operative endeavour, and the evidence of its maturity suggests that there is also value in its provision of a model for an enduring and creative approach to an engagement with art.

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