Lyn Dallison

Lyn Dallison is an Auckland-based sculptor who harbours an obsession for drawing.  She is committed to art as a vital part of community.

After a 2013 artist residency in a tropical Hawaiian garden, she became obsessed with botanical drawing. The pleasure of simple marks on paper using a variety of materials, and the exploration of colour and collage, have dominated Lyn's practice for the last 4 years.

Lyn finds inspiration in the drawings of the Australian artist John Wolseley, and is a longtime admirer of the drawings of David Hockney. Both artists experiment with plein air drawing, and working in widely differing scale.

Bounce has provided a welcome opportunity to explore the roots of Lyn's connection to artists who have provided critical support for her practice over the years. Bounce is very much a celebration of the joys of collaboration, and those visual stimuli that inspire.