James Emery

Auckland based artist James Emery, raised and born in New Zealand has always had a keen interest in art. The art of the past, present and the art created by his hand.
Majoring in Art History with a interest in both the history of international art and New Zealand art, James worked within the industry many years before approaching his own practise as an artist.
Drawing from masters for example Cezanne and Matisse, James uses similar principles and ways of thinking to create his own geometric abstraction  "I focus on and specialize primarily in Geometric Abstraction. I like both the expressionistic effect of art creating itself in a way that  I can only semi control, largely through making my own brushes that enable a textural 3 dimensional effect  but not knowing exactly how a piece will end up.  I then enjoy giving these abstract pieces the formal qualities of premeditated geometric shapes to create a kind of harmony."
Each art piece built up with theory but gestures of shape, composition and texture of simplisity, tension and form.

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Do you have a favourite colour? Cobalt Blue
How do you take your coffee? Soy Flat White no sugar.
Is there something you can't live without in your studio? Staedler flexible curve ruler
Who is your favourite artist of all time and living artist now? Paul Cezanne because even though misunderstood for most of his artistic life, he courageously and confidently presented his own concepts and techniques that were later seen to be revolutionary.
Gretchen Albrecht - her raw talent as an exceptional abstract artist is undeniable and she is also a New Zealander.
What 5 words that best describe yourself:
Self-motivated, focused, passionate, determined, multipotentionite (many varied interests)